Wiltshire Defense is proud to support The Mingle 2019 and Racheal’s Rest for survivors of sexual abuse.

As the father of three daughters and as an advocate for the right of self-defense in Georgia and Second Amendment rights I am thrilled to sponsor and support “The Mingle 2019”. Second Amendment rights are essential Women’s Rights. -Mo Wiltshire

Our friends at the Complete Combatant, are again hosting an event to support female leaders in the the second amendment community and raise money to support victims of sexual and domestic violence. The Mingle and its associated nationwide training raffle offer unique opportunities for women leaders in the firearms, training and second amendment community to gather for a conference, train, advocate, and yes mingle while raising money to support Racheal’s Rest.

Racheal’s Rest was established in 2012 and is a nonprofit organization that offers counseling, mobile family workshops and 5 day retreats to help women and children who experienced sexual abuse or acts of violence find their balance in life.

Information about the work of Racheal’s Rest can be found here https://rachealsrest.org

“The Mingle” is a sponsored event for women in the firearms/self defense industry. It is a weekend sponsored event (Saturday 12 – 4pm and Sunday we are on the range all day (8:30-5:30) with 2 hour “training blocks” with guest instructors, speakers, live fire sessions, and door prizes! Invited guests can look forward to great food, and fun event locations.

The Complete Combatant is hosting this event so ladies in the firearms industry have opportunities and choices. We hope to have “all walks of life” come together to support The Mingle and our featured charity.

Wiltshire Defense is very pleased to be among the sponsors lending a hand in helping women in the firearms industry gain knowledge and meet other ladies in the second amendment community. Self-Defense in Georgia is a respected and established right but we cannot rest on our laurels and assume it will always be protected. Liberty demands vigilance. One of the best ways to protect our rights is to foster the expansion of the rights of others across our region and the nation. The leaders who will attend The Mingle are in a position to accomplish this goal.

With the help of sponsors, The Complete Combatant offers The Mingle as a weekend for women to meet like minded ladies, continue their self defense education, and build relationships to support business, network to expand contacts and to explore personal growth in business, tactics, self-defense, marksmanship, second amendment advocacy and more.

Wiltshire Defense is a 2nd Amendment supporter, we want to help ladies build individual knowledge and skill and we support female leadership in the 2nd Amendment Community. Wiltshire Defense is pleased to support Racheal’s Rest in their efforts to help survivors of sexual abuse and acts of violence. A sponsorship for The Mingle allows the opportunity to do both. The Complete Combatant is hosting this event so ladies in the firearms industry have opportunities and choices. We are proud to sponsor this event and the leaders who will attend as they advocate, support, and fight for self defense rights and especially as those rights pertain to women. Second Amendment rights are Women’s Rights!

More information about The Mingle 2019 can be found here http://www.thecompletecombatant.com/the-mingle.html