Force Readiness with The Complete Combatant is worthwhile self-defense training.

Brian Hill and Mo Wiltshire @ Fusion MMA

A few weekends ago I had an opportunity to travel to Kennesaw and take a course with Brian Hill and The Complete Combatant at their training facility Fusion Mixed Martial Arts. They call this one and a one-half day training course Force Readiness. 

We covered a lot of topics in the Friday afternoon and evening and all day Saturday sessions. There was a tremendous amount of ground covered both literally and figuratively. We dealt with everything from empty handed techniques as simple as how to protect yourself from impacts to the head to leverage positions using some Greco-Roman wrestling principles that can and should be used in training for an entangled gunfight. 

An amazing breadth of material is presented in this course concerning weapon retention and up close entangled hands-on situations. This course deals with what happens when you get knocked down, how to protect yourself while you regain your feet, how to secure and retain your sidearm during such a struggle with one or more opponents. Amazingly these topics are all covered in such an effective manner the student’s retention is maximized and the material readily builds on itself as the training progresses.

I cannot say enough good things about Brian’s willingness and ability to distill his decades of experience into knowledge suitable for his students to understand, absorb, and apply. He does this without affectation, bravado or useless posturing. Brian is serious, skilled and down-to-earth … simply a fantastic instructor.

A key component of this training is the scenario based problem the students face as part of the “final exam”. These scenarios were extremely effective at putting people in stressful self-defense situations and then allowing them to process the situation. The student must deal with the threats that they were facing and also conduct a review in the aftermath with the focus on self-defense survival and also legal survival. 

Legal survival includes how to ask for a chance to consult with your criminal defense or self-defense attorney if and when the police start to want to ask you questions. In Georgia, you have the right to the advice of your defense lawyer before you decide whether to make statements to law enforcement. The decision of whether, when and how to speak with law enforcement will be a key decision in the aftermath of a self defense incidentand getting it wrong can cause you no end of trouble.

The entire effect of the course is really one of seamless immersion in the subject matter. I’ve been a prosecutor and an Athens, Georgia criminal defense lawyer for over 20 years and a serious student of self-defense arts for many years as well and I wholeheartedly endorse this course, Brian Hill and The Complete Combatant. 

-Mo Wiltshire