Bridge near Stanford Stadium to be closed over the summer

Fake ID Lawyer in Athens, GAStudents will not be able to walk past or look in the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium during the summer.

As reported in The Red & Black, the road students would usually walk or ride on to get from the Dean William Tate Student Center to areas on the southern part of campus will be closed to all traffic until August 7.

The Gillis Bridge on Sanford Drive, which will be undergoing maintenance, closed May 7 and will not be accessible for three months.

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“I have a lot of classes on north campus and south campus so I definitely use the bridge a lot to go back and forth,” said Kallie Wynens, a senior biology and Spanish major from Atlanta.

The project will also cause UGA buses to be rerouted.

“I’ll definitely have to give myself more time to get places because I’ll have to find a way around the bridge,” Wynens said.

The project will also shift the Tate Center and Memorial Hall bus stops near the Gillis Bridge temporarily.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to do buses honestly, because that’s like three [rerouted] buses right there that go through the bridge,” said Mohammed Ahmed, a junior computer science major from Duluth.

For the time being, a bus stop will be added on South Lumpkin Street between Clark Howell Hall and Cedar St. to compensate for the loss of other stops.

Sidewalk detour routes will even be set up to guide students around restricted access areas surrounding the bridge. An interactive detour map noting the accessible areas of campus near the bridge is available.