Nude man on Athens courthouse parking awning facing charges for multiple offenses

Criminal Defense Attorney Athens GALast Sunday a man performed several strange and lewd acts downtown, ending in a naked display on top of an awning at the parking deck of the Athens-Clarke County courthouse.

As reported in The Red & Black, the incident started at the Multimodal Transportation Center downtown, where Demetrious Faust reportedly ran into the restroom threatening to kill himself, and later wrapped tape around his arm for reasons that are unknown.

Police made contact with Faust as he crossed Hancock Avenue by the Clarke County courthouse.

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Police also got reports about Faust banging on courthouse windows. He reportedly tied the courthouse doors shut, preventing a judge from trying to exit the building.

An officer approached the man and threatened to tase him if he did not cooperate. Faust agreed briefly but then began to climb on top of a cement barricade by the courthouse parking deck.

Faust then climbed on top of a blue awning over the attendant station, police said.

Hen then yelled expletives at the police and removed his pants and underwear, displaying his genitals.

The man repeatedly threatened to kill police officers, according to ACCPD.

After the Athens-Clarke County fire department arrived with a ladder to apply to the awning, Faust reportedly tried to push off. An officer talked him down before he was handcuffed, taken to the hospital and checked for injuries. While at the hospital, he reportedly kicked an officer.

After being released from the hospital, Faust was transported to Clarke County Jail where he was charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer, public indecency, simple battery of a law officer, terroristic threats and acts, interference with government property and two counts of disorderly conduct.