New company includes Athens concert venue

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A new company called Zero Mile consists of three concert venues in Georgia including Athens own, The Georgia Theatre and two other Atlanta concert venues: Variety Playhouse and Terminal West.

“Named after the ‘Zero Mile Post’ in Atlanta that marks the end of the railroad, Zero Mile consolidates the resources from each venue in an effort to create a booking and marketing service for talent across the Southeastern region as well as to provide consultation for other small businesses,” an article in The Red & Black reads.

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“More than anything, we just saw each other as kindred spirits and it was sort of a natural fit, rather than take shows from each other or be competitors,” Walker Beard said in the article, the business director of Zero Mile. “It made more sense to come together, combine our resources and have a brand for these three venues.”

This isn’t the first time the three venues have teamed up for marketing purposes. Terminal West, Georgia Theatre, and Variety Playhouse have the same talent buyer, which has lent to the three venues working together for marketing and branding purposes before. This made the transition an easy one, according to the article.

 “It just made sense and it was a natural progression,” said Katie Carmody, the marketing director of Zero Mile. “Obviously, it takes a lot of work to start a new business, but the backbone and purpose of what we’re trying to do flowed pretty easy.”

The Red & Black reports that Zero Mile is set apart from companies like Live Nation since it’s a grassroots, independently owned business. Zero Mile is personal and works closely with the bands it books, which gives them an advantage.

 “[The bands] know the level of commitment and passion we have, expertise in what we do and attention to detail,” Carmody said in the article. “In a larger company, you don’t have that personalized touch and personal relationship. We take that very seriously. We just want the bands to grow and succeed.”

Even though two of the venues are located in Atlanta, The Red & Black reports that Athens still benefits from the collaboration.

“With more space in the form of three separate locations to offer to incoming talent, Zero Mile has more availability to book bands in the right space at the time most convenient for them. As a result, Athens concert-goers and the Georgia Theatre can expect to see more shows of a greater variety as well as a larger reach,” the article reads.