Athens man claims he was kidnapped at gunpoint

Attorneys in Athens GA

Attorneys in Athens GA

A 66-year-old Athens man recently told police that he was held at gunpoint and kidnapped last Thursday night. Athens–Clarke County police are investigating the claim.

According to an article in the Athens Banner-Herald, the man is a resident of University Garden apartments on Baxter Drive.

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The man told police that while he was walking on McWhorter Drive last Thursday night he was approached by a car with three black males. One of the men got out of the vehicle and reportedly held a gun to the victim and told him to get into the vehicle.

Police told the ABH they were investigating the man’s kidnapping report as a potentially valid crime.

“The man told police that when he hesitated to get into the car, the gunman struck him in the head with his firearm and forced him into the car, where a sack was placed over his head and his wrists were bound together with zip ties, according to police,” the article reads.

The man said that the suspects drove him to a home and then removed the sack, at which time he realized all of his captors also had sacks on their heads with holes cut out so they could see. The suspects demanded that the man call someone to bring money or they would kill him. The victim reportedly refused to call anyone.

At one point during the kidnapping, the suspects reportedly removed the sacks from their heads. The victim told police that two of the suspects were in their late teens or early twenties and one of them had multiple tattoos. One of the other suspects, according to the victim, looked to be about 13 or 14-years-old.

“Near daylight Friday morning, the man said, he told his captors either to kill him or let him go. After conferring among themselves, the man told police, his captors agreed to set him free if he promised not to tell authorities what had happened,” the article reads.

The men decided to let him go and drove him to Dudley Street near the Athens-Clarke County Library. They reportedly cut the zip ties, removed the sack from his head, and pushed him out of the car, which has been described as a Chevrolet Impala with dark wheels. 

The injuries sustained by the man were consistent with marks that would have been made by zip ties and he also had a bump on his head from where he claimed to have been pistol whipped.

Police are examining video footage from a security camera at the library in search of footage.