Athens women attend Washington Women’s March

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An estimated 3 million people took to the U.S. streets last Saturday, the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the nation’s 45th president, to stand up for women’s rights. Hundreds of thousands of marchers traveled to the nation’s capital – including many Athens women.

Washington was considered the hub of women-led marches, which eventually spread to hundreds of cities across the nation. One group of marchers from Athens told the Athens Banner-Herald that it was so crowded in Washington, they traveled for at least three hours on the capital city’s public transit system before finally arriving and getting to the back of the march.

The team leader for the East Georgia Women’s March on Washington, Tracey Wyatt, said the event was just the beginning. She told the newspaper that the group plans to take action throughout Donald Trump’s presidency to ensure the protection of the rights of all minorities.

“We are tired of the ignorance of discrimination in all its forms. We have every intention, and it has already started, to split off into these areas of discrimination that are our strongest passions and organize and begin with daily action,” Wyatt said in the article.

Other marchers brought their children on the trip. Laulea Taylor brought her 13-year-old daughter along. They drove the family van from Athens to Washington and offered extra seats to anyone from Athens who wanted to join them.

“One of my favorite things about it was everyone there was just so supportive of each other. We all came together to support a common cause,” Taylor’s daughter said. “One reason I wanted to go and one main thing that made me really mad was that more people wanted Hillary (Clinton) than him.”

Ph.D. student in creative writing at the University of Georgia, Bridget Dooley, rode along with Taylor and her daughter.

“I’ve been feeling sort of despondent and powerless since the election and very worried. This is a great way to funnel that energy into something productive,” Dooley said.

Dooley told the ABH that she has been writing her representatives since the election and attending the march in Washington helped her to remember that she’s a part of something bigger than herself.

According to various media reports, despite hundreds of thousands of marchers and protestors in Washington on Saturday, no arrests were made during the Women’s March on Washington.