Police help elderly Athens woman move

Elder Law in Athens GA

An 83-year-old woman who was living in an unhealthy environment has the Athens-Clarke County Police Department to thank for her recent move.

According to various media reports, Ms. Mary had called police to inform them that the family member she was living with “constantly yelled at her with cuss words” and “made her health worse.”

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It wasn’t long after an investigation into the complaint that authorities arrested the family member. The police then collaborated with Ms. Mary’s church family about what her next steps should be.

“We did an investigation, we spoke to a judge, we secured an arrest for the family member and it’s just one of those things where she lit up,” Sgt. Courtney Gale told 11Alive’s Duffie Dixon. “She came back to life.”

Gale and members from Ms. Mary’s church were able to find living space for her at an assisted living facility. That meant she would have to find a home for one of her dogs, which police officers were able to do. Her other dog is a designated service dog.

One of Ms. Mary’s longtime friends said it’s been a heartwarming experience to watch it all unfold. 

Ms. Mary was still left with the chore of needing to move, so Gale helped to gather at least four people from the ACCPD who said they would volunteer their time to help Ms. Mary move. When moving day arrived, according to 11Alive, about 16-19 people showed up to help.

Gale told the news station that helping Ms. Mary is ultimately what it’s all about – to help somebody who’s in need.

“We gained Mary’s trust. She opened up to us, and the people who knew her opened up to us and said, ‘It’s time. Please help.’ And we were able to do that,” Gale said.

Ms. Mary said she is thankful every day for the help she’s received from the ACCPD.

“It almost makes me cry to be honest, after a year of feeling like this is just the end of it, it starts the beginning,” she said.