Four Athens hosts presentation by Jacqui Chew

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Jacqui Chew spoke at Four Athens on Oct. 19. 

Four Athens offers a support network for entrepreneurs who are starting a business. The Athens-based company helps connect new business owners to talent, mentors, funding, and other entrepreneurs quicker than they could on their own. 

Chew is the principal of iFusion Marketing, a technology marketing consultancy that specializes in helping high growth companies and technology start-ups grow. She is an award-winning strategic marketer with a passion for helping technology start-ups connect with the right audience for their product or service. 

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An active member of the Atlanta technology and business community, Chew was an early adopter of social media and has been actively incorporating social elements in her clients’ marketing plans since 2006. She has spent the last 15 years leveraging digital and traditional programs to help software, Internet, information security and consumer products and services companies build their business. Since 1998, Jacqui has successfully launched dozens of companies and products including Silverpop, PeopleSoft and eBay.

Chew is currently the editor-in-chief of the newsletter and blog at Venture Atlanta, Georgia’s technology innovation resource. Her high-energy style makes her a sought after industry speaker and moderator. 

“People launched into descriptions of what their product was [at the Four Athens event], what it could do and what stage they were at in the development of their Minimum Viable Product. Once everyone was finished, Chew noted that almost no one had described the target user,” an article in the Red & Black reads. “Finding a target audience, and focusing on specific customer segments, were the central concepts of Chew’s talk, a part of ATDC @ Four Athens, a recurring event which brings industry professionals and startup initiators from the Advanced Technology Development Center to the Athens community.”

Chew said a key aspect to the success of startups is determining which customer segment will be the most profitable, and then working to build a company around the target market. 

 “It is crucially important to focus in on your product value proposition before you build the product,” she said in her presentation, according to the Red & Black. “Startups by nature are resource-constrained, Chew said. Taking time to figure out whether there are enough companies and consumers who want the product, and if they can pay enough for a business to be viable, is essential to keeping a startup profitable and growing.”

Chew said it’s crucial to listen to the market and the customer in order to be successful. She also said social media should be a big part of that.