UGA student forms art classes for homeless

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A University of Georgia student has formed a nonprofit aimed at helping the homeless population in Athens improve their art skills and then sell their pieces to earn money.

Tanner Woodson, a junior majoring in real estate at UGA has started a nonprofit called Art For Athens, according to an article by the Red & Black newspaper.

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Through the organization, Woodson will offer weekly art classes for the homeless population in Athens in an effort to help them earn their own money.

“We are going to work on setting up an online system to sell the Art for Athens art to the highest bidder online, and then give 100 percent of the money back to the homeless person who created the art,” he says in the Red & Black article. “Woodson said the first class is scheduled for Sept. 28, but he is still in search of volunteers.”

Woodson reportedly hopes to eventually make Art for Athens into a club. Volunteers would meet up and as the number in attendance grows, funds can increase for art supplies.

“As far as how the classes would work, Woodson said one or two volunteers will meet with the homeless once a week and walk them through the weekly painting or art lesson. He said he hopes to eventually widen the variety of pieces created, including a collective piece where each artist contributes,” the article reads. “But Woodson’s goals reach beyond just teaching the art class.”

According to the article, Woodson hopes to allow for multiple avenues of artistic ability, eventually including jewelry, hair cutting, musical instruments and various other skills. It’s his goal to make the classes therapeutic as well as helpful to the community.

I believe that a large amount of self-worth comes from creating things you can be proud of,” he said. “With Art for Athens, I hope to give these people an outlet and an opportunity to create art they can be proud of.”