Evidence Suggests Athens Killer Waited for and Targeted Victim

Evidence Suggests Athens Killer Waited for and Targeted Victim

New evidence in the case of Daniel Joseph Macias’ shooting death suggests his killer potentially targeted him and waited for him before gunning him down as he walked to his car in downtown Athens.

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According to an article by the Athens Banner-Herald, the killer of Macias possibly lay in wait for the 28-year-old on East Hancock Avenue the early morning of Aug. 13.

“Authorities have not ruled out the possibility Macias was the victim of a random crime, but evidence suggested the killing was personal, said Capt. Jerry Saulters, commanding officer of the Athens Clarke County police Criminal Investigations Division,” the article reads. “Typically when it’s a robbery the suspect might shoot the victim once or twice, but Mr. Macias was shot multiple times, indicating the motive might have been more personal, Saulters said. According to the police incident report, a witness called 911 and reported a male in all black shot someone five times. Of course, we will carefully examine any new evidence that’s developed and follow wherever it leads, but at this point (the murder) appears to not have been a random event.”

Investigators viewed hundreds of hours of surveillance video from the county’s downtown camera system while working to reconstruct Macias’ final moments. Investigators concluded Macias was outside of 9d’s Bar at 2:15 a.m. and was not seen in the footage with any possible suspects. According to the ABH article, it’s believed that Macias went directly to his car after leaving the bar, which was parked on East Hancock Avenue. If Macias was murdered for a personal reason, it’s possible the killer was familiar with the victim’s car and waited there for Macias to return.

Authorities said if there’s going to be a break in the case it likely won’t be from any surveillance video footage.

“I think we have viewed enough of video that if there was something obvious there we would have seen it by now,” the article reads. “Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information that helps police to find Macias’ killer, but … investigators have not fielded any phone calls providing useful information.”