Data Breach Reported at Athens Medical Clinic

Data Breach Reported at Athens Medical Clinic

Patients at Athens Orthopedic Clinic may have had their personal information compromised recently.

Monday the CEO at Athens Orthopedic Clinic announced the clinic had suffered a breach of its electronic medical records, according to an article by the Athens Banner-Herald.

While not all patients were necessarily affected, the data that was accessed may include names, addresses, Social Security numbers, telephone numbers, and some medical data, according to a release from the clinic the ABH reports.

“At the end of June, we confirmed that a hacker had gained access to our electronic medical records system earlier in the month, using the log-in credentials of a third-party vendor,” Kayo Elliott, CEO of AOC is quoted as saying in the Athens Banner-Herald article. “We have determined that certain personal information of our current and former patients has been compromised, though, at this point, patients may not yet have experienced any unusual activity.”

If you feel your information may be at risk, one step you can take is to put a freeze on your credit reports. That way, the credit bureaus can’t release your personal information or any other sensitive information in your file without your authorization. It keeps identity thieves from being able to open any accounts in your name. It may make opening a new credit card or mortgage difficult, but you ultimately have the ability to unfreeze your account at any time. Typically it only costs about $5 to $10 to place a freeze.

It’s also important to protect your email address and password, which can be compromised in a data breach – which could give thieves access to banking, insurance, healthcare and other personal information.

Patients and partners with concerns about the AOC breach can call a toll-free hotline at (844) 382-9364.

“We are in the process of notifying the affected patients, and deeply regret any stress this may cause our patients,” Elliott said in the ABH article. “Rest assured that we are taking all necessary measures to ensure that any resulting damage is limited to the extent possible and working to retain your trust in our practice. We advise that our patients contact credit reporting agencies to create a fraud alert as soon as possible; we have posted a statement on our website that includes credit reporting agency contact information”