Atlanta Cop on Paid Leave after Assaulting 65-year-old Man

According to the Alpharetta Police Department, an off-duty cop from Atlanta is on paid leave after assaulting a 65-year-old man while returning drunk from a country music festival. Scott A. Perry, 43, from Gainesville, Georgia, had returned to the Hyatt Place hotel when he went to the hotel bar. The police report claims that Perry tried to kiss one of the women and made inappropriate comments towards her. He also allegedly tried to take her 65-year-old boyfriend’s food.

As the incident occurred, Perry grabbed the 65-year-old, Genesco Carvalhais and attempted to kiss him. When Carvalhais pushed Perry away, he grabbed the watch and necklace of the man. Three witnesses told investigators of criminal law that Carvalhais ripped Perry’s shirt trying to keep him away.

When the Alpharetta police arrived at the hotel and found Perry in a room, he claimed nothing happened in the hotel lobby. Instead, he began cursing at officers and telling them that he was a police officer, and he would have all their jobs. Next, Perry reached to his clothes when a police officer stopped him. They were afraid he would grab his service weapon since he was already combative. The officers used a Taser on Perry to calm him down and put him in handcuffs. After his arrest, police charged Scott with simple battery, and he has been placed on administrative leave with pay.

An 11-year veteran of the police department and a member of the fugitive unit, the Atlanta police have declined to release his photo because Perry works undercover. Chief George Turner has always prioritized accountability for police officers at all times. He also wants them to behave professionally and told the news that they would take decisive action against employees who violated it to maintain the highest standards of criminal law.

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Atlanta Journal Constitution