“My teaching career was on the line and my freedom was at stake….Mo fought endlessly to get the results I needed. My case was dismissed…my career was saved” -Jesse, a Georgia school teacher

Morris Wiltshire, who I call Mo, helped me overcome the toughest obstacle my life has ever seen. My teaching career was on the line, and my own freedom was at stake. He took my case with confidence, assuring me that if I really was innocent of the charges brought against me then I should fight to save my life. He did the fighting while I did the praying. I was faced with felony and misdemeanor drug charges that would end my career and financial security for the rest of my life. My reputation was already ruined, and I had to try and get it back. Mo fought endlessly to get the results I needed, and in the end we would prevail. He was honest the whole time, letting me know all the possibilities, whether they were good or possibly bad. He was honest about the price of his services, which was very fair compared to what I was going to lose if I was convicted. He immediately went to work, covering all angles of the case. He even kept me out of jail when it seemed that I would face time until court. Mo was persistent in getting me results, and I just knew it would all work out. He kept me informed as new deals were offered to me, but would always say he could get a better deal. I was patient, and glad that I was. Court never came, a trial never took place. In the end, I recently received the greatest news anyone could ask for! My case was dismissed due to lack of evidence, and my career was saved! I could not have done it without Mo Wiltshire. I got the results I truly wanted, even though I thought they were impossible to get. Mo did it, and I overcame that obstacle in my life. Facing those charges helped me learn to be careful who I trust in life, but I would definitely trust Mo and recommend him to anyone needing an excellent lawyer in any kind of tough case. He can help you.

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